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A superb Simple System clarinet made by the last maker of the legendary Albert family: Jacques Fils. This instrument is an extremely late and advanced model, It features a "booster" for throat Bb and additional RH lever for Ab/Eb. It tunes at modern pitch, i.e. A=440 Hz.
The German Silver keywork is good, very solid, and with an excellent shine. The wood is in good condition for its age, with no major cracks or repairs, to the main body pieces, however the lower joint has a stress crack to the tenon, just underneath the C#/G# hole. However this is irrelevant as the tenon is itself metal lined at this point, in fact, it is the metal lining which probably caused the crack. Therefore the crack does not effect the response in any way. This instrument is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct, and the current owner, a well known UK jazz player, used it in a New Orleans Band for many years. From the look and style of key work this clarinet was probably made in the 1930's and Albert retired in 1939. Albert clarinets are well known for their unique warmth and depth of tone, and exceptional workmanship. The makers stamp is clearly visible on all sections. The case is possibly original, with a replacement handle.