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A very good condition Leblanc Infinite Bb clarinet. The Leblanc Infinite is virtually identical in specification and design to the Leblanc Concerto: Whereas the Concerto was designed to play firmly down to pitch throughout all registers [aimed primarily at the USA market] the Infinite was designed to play slightly sharper in the altissimo register; perhaps a more traditional European model!
This instrument is one of Leblanc's top professional wooden models, it features the same polycylindrical bore design, of 14.61mm, as the Opus and Concerto. It was made with all of Leblanc's usual engineering excellence; with gold plated needle springs, separate pillar mounted Ab/Eb, and aged Grenadilla wood. This example has no damage or repairs to the wood, which is in excellent condition. The Silver plate key work is very good. All pieces are original & all have matching stamps. The one former owner has had Eddie Ashton super pads fitted throughout, which are guaranteed for over 10 years of normal use. They are all sealing perfectly. The matching serial nos. are 78669. The supplied m'piece is a professional Vandoren 2RV in ebonite, in good condition. The case is the original, in excellent condition.