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This very fine pair of instruments are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The Leblanc Concerto was one of many new designs launched when control of Leblanc Paris passed from the French to the American side of the Leblanc corporation. Tom Ridenour was the main designer. The instruments feature improved intonation and a "darker" sound quality, and were designed to take on the dominance of the Buffet R13 and RC. Like the Buffet instruments the bore is polycylindrical, but fractionally smaller at 14.61mm, and also with a register key tube higher than on the R13. The Leblanc Opus and Concerto were the flagship models of the new line up, with the Concerto described by Leblanc as having a more lyrical tone quality than the Opus.
The Bb, S/N 77557 has seen more use than the A: The Silver plating overall is excellent, and there is no damage or cracks to the wood, which is aged Grenadilla. All pads are white leather in good used condition. Both instruments have had a full check up in our workshop prior to sale. The, A S/N 77730, is in excellent condition, all stamps are bright. It has seen hardly any use, the pad condition is excellent, and the plating pristine. The wood overall is very fine, there is, however, a tight hairline crack to the bell, so fine it cannot be photographed: The crack is airtight and has no effect on the response. All pieces are original and stamped Leblanc, with 3 interchangeable barrels [ the bores of the Bb and A are identical] one of 66mm and two of 65mm. There is no mouthpiece but Clarinets Direct is happy to provide either a student model or professional model at additional cost. The case is the original Leblanc, in excellent condition.