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This matched pair of Symphony 1010 Clarinets are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The pair have been semi-professionally owned by a single owner and well maintained; the condition is very good. In addition, they have been modified, in an unusual and expert way: The second version of the Acton patent vent could sometimes be troublesome to set up, with critical venting and padding required. This ingenious adaptation of the system allows for a small adjusting screw for the top RH ring, see photo 7, which neatly alleviates this problem. Sadly the current seller does not know who the previous owner was, or indeed, which repair technician did this excellent work, as he bought them second hand from Michael Whites.
The Bb has serial no. 526813 and has Silver plate in very good condition. The wood is in excellent condition though there is a tight surface hair line crack from the top tenon down to the speaker key tube. The surface crack has been repaired in the past and the instrument has been stable for over 2 decades. All pads are Gordon Beeson Tan Leather in good condition. The pair has had a thorough check up in our workshop prior to sale.
The A, serial no. A 530257, has no cracks or repairs. The Silver plate throughout is in excellent shape, as are all the pads and corks. As usual the A has seen less use than the Bb. There are two barrels of 64.3mm and 63.0mm. This second is a custom made example, which has a surface crack, but as it is lined in ebonite, this has no effect. I would dearly like to know who the original owner of this pair was, as, with the custom barrel, and modifications to the RH mechanism, all the indications are that they were a top professional. The supplied m'pieces are a Peter Eaton, stamped, "PE 1010 50:37, G" and another brand new example simply marked 1010. The original case is also in good condition.