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An extremely rare & valuable Buffet RC Bb clarinet cutomised by Rene Hagmann of Geneva. Hagmann has acted as a consultant for Buffet Crampon and is noted for the superb quality of his Prestige designs for Buffet Bass, Alto and Basset Horn, he is widely recognised as one of the world's leading musical instrument inventors. The modifications can be summarised as follows: 1. Second register key for clarion register B to D#, switched over by R3, as on most bass clarinets. 2. Booster for throat Bb, operating in conjunction with lower register key & closed by thumb ring. 3. Additional link to throat g# key to give in tune altissimo D, especially useful for C-D trill across third register break. 4. Vent for low G/D for improved note, with separate adjusting screw. All keywork is silver plated, and like the wood is in pristine condition. The adjusting screws require a small Allen key, provided. The S/N is F267100 which dates to 1985. This instrument is stamped, on the LH F#/C# lever, with the name of a German dealer "Grimm" who also has his plate on the case.