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Clarinets Direct is Europe's leading specialist clarinet dealer. We are fortunate indeed to be able to offer these rare and fine Herbert Wurlitzer Schmidt Reform Boehm system clarinets. These instruments have come to us from the family of the late Jonathan Rutland, a well respected player, and teacher, and author of Abracadabra Clarinet. For many players these clarinets are the ultimate Boehm system: In tune, made with consumate craftsmanship and offering a uniquely characterful tone, which contrasts sharply with some modern mass produced instruments.
Herbert Wurlitzer, son of Fritz, adapted his fathers' design in several ways. The position of the tone hole underneath 1st line E/B was moved in order to correct the inherent sharpness of upper B/C at the top of the clarion. Dedicated tone holes for both throat G# and A, lean more towards the German concept of purity of tone. The throat Bb booster key mechanism is redesigned, as is the LH sliver key. Unlike his fathers' clarinets there is no vent for the middle finger B/F# twelfth. Though many modern manufacturers claim to make a Schmidt Reform Boehm, these clarinets are the genuine and superb article.
These clarinets feature: A booster mechanism for throat Bb. An additional vent for the D/A twelfth, working off the LH 3rd ring. A compensating low G/D pad. A hole in the bell to improve low E/B. All of this results in a clarinet of superb evenness and unmatched security of intonation. Indeed the problem confronting the player used to the inherent shortcomings of the standard Boehm, is learning not to adjust embouchure pressure to correct the non existent faults on this instrument! This early Herbert Wurlitzer instrument features a small bore of 14.60mm, and the instruments play very well with modern French bore m'pieces aspecially standard Vandorens. This is one of the main differences between Herbert's design and Fritz's; essentially these instruments work readily with standard m'pieces.
The Bb has matching serial nos. 27081, which dates to February 1970, and has Silver plate in excellent condition throughout. The wood is in very good condition, however there is one old surface crack to the upper joint, which does not enter the bore or a tone hole, it has been stable for over 45 years. The repair is excellent, I have attempted to photograph it, see photo 12, but, even with the naked eye it is extremely dificult to see. The instrument has just been completely overhauled in tan leather in our workshop, and it is sold with our full 1 year warranty. The instrument is stamped " Herbert Wurlitzer, Neustadt Aisch".
The A has serial no. 27082 and has Silver plate in very good condition throughout. The wood is in excellent condition. Again the instrument has just been overhauled in tan leather in our workshop, and it is sold with our full 1 year warranty. There are 3 barrels, 2 for the Bb of 55.5mm and 56mm, and 1 for the A of 57mm. The m'pieces are an original H Wurlitzer, which is much used, and Buffet in ebonite, which has been bored out to B&H 926 dimensions. The supplied case original, and has seen much use: The interior is worn, and the handle has been replaced with a strap.