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Leon Leblanc, along with Charles Houvenaghel, the great Belgian acoustician, took Leblanc manufacturing and scientific principles even further: They were the first major maker to set up an acoustic laboratory. Leon was a gifted clarinetist who took the top prize at the Paris Conservatoire as a young man, he chose, however, to stay with the family business and apply his talent to instrument manufacture. Although Leblanc's instruments were almost entirely handmade, Leon Leblanc insisted that the craftsmen follow careful measurements. "Music is an art, but it is still governed by the laws of science," he declared (Music Trades, July 1996). As a result, Leblanc instruments were more consistent than those that had come before. The company continued to strive for consistent quality, ease of playability, and mechanical innovation, throughout its history.
The H Dynamic clarinet was made as a "top of the range" Leblanc, the specification includes: Offset trill keys, balanced key action, separate post mounted, C#/G# keys and Ab/Eb keys. Tapered tone holes and a cylindrical upper joint. The bore, at 15.00mm, was the largest that Leblanc manufactured in a Bb Clarinet, and as the name H, for high, Dynamic suggests, it was made for the jazz market and competed with the Selmer Series 9. This is a one owner instrument, bought new from George Howarth and it has been extremely well looked after. The intonation and response is the equal of the most expensive French instruments sold today. The Bb has matching serial nos. 46636 and has Silver plate in pristine condition. Though Leblanc serial number lists are unreliable, this clarinet was purchased new in the 1970's. The wood is in overall excellent condition, with no cracks or repairs. The instrument was last serviced by T W Howarth & Co. in 2004, [the invoice for this will be sold with the clarinet] the current owner imagined that she might start playing again, but this was not to be. The instrument has been down to our workshop for a thorough check up, and any necessary key regulation has been done. The pads, which are Tan Leather are all in good shape. The m'piece is a Leblanc, in used condition. The case is the original in good condition.