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These superb condition R13s are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. It is extremely rare to find instruments of this calibre which have had such little use, but fortunately for the pairs' next owner such is the case here: Their sole former owner was persuaded to buy a pair; the Bb saw very light use, and the A was used for only one youth orchestra concert!
The Bb Clarinet is in superb condition. All double bladder fish skin pads are in excellent, "as new" condition. The Grenadilla wood, which appears unstained, is pristine throughout, no cracks, repairs or damage whatsoever. The plating is near perfect, with only slight tarnish to the trill keys, due to sitting unused in the case. The matching S/N are 374623, which dates to 1993.
The A clarinet is in mint condition. It is near impossible to believe the instrument is 19 years old, as it appears to have just left the factory. Wood, key work and pads are all in perfect condition. The only blemish to the pair, is that this type of Buffet case causes the lower tenon cork of the bottom joint to contract, as the instruments are stored with the bells on. This A Clarinet, S/N 374168, also dates to 1993. ` The case is a modern Buffet leather type, in excellent condition, partly because their former owner invested in an expensive Howarth's dust cover. The m'pieces are a stock plastic Buffet F3A, which is brand new, and a well used Selmer C85 120 .