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An exceptionally rare and fine Goulding & Co Boxwood C Clarinet. This instrument is in excellent condition, with all pieces matching and stamped: The bell reads "Goulding & Co. New Bond Street London" It has just undergone a full and complete restoration by Alan Hacker, who has long experience in this field. He assures me this instrument dates to 1811. It plays at modern pitch A=440 Hz. There are 5 main pieces with a modern copy of an original m'piece by Edward Pillinger, which uses modern Eb reeds. In total there are 5 brass keys. There are no cracks or damage to the wood. Unusually this instrument has been in one family from new. It has passed from generation to generation with the current owner a professional Opera singer. The wooden box is again original, though the latch has failed. This is a stunning clarinet; perfectly playable and also ideal for a collector.