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This matched pair of Buffet Festival clarinets are in extremely good condition. The Festival is based firmly on the R13 Prestige, with the register key tube slightly higher, and adjustments to the upper and lower bore flares to compensate. This type of alteration had in fact been suggested to Buffet in the late 1960's by Moennig, Morgan, and Gigliotti: The result is improved intonation and evenness to the second register, which has meant the Festival is a firm favourite amongst professional players.
The Bb has serial no. 320824, dating to 1989. The wood, which is unstained, hand selected Grenadilla, is in overall excellent condition, with no cracks or repairs. The Silver plate shows only slight wear commensurate with careful use: The LH 2nd ring is worn, and there is spot wear to the A key, see photos 5 & 6. The plating is about 98%. We have just completely overhauled the pair in finest Pisoni double bladder fish skin pads, and they are sold with our full 1 year warranty. There are 2 supplied barrels of 64.9mm and 66.7mm.
The A, serial no. 316503, also dates to 1989. It has no cracks or repairs. The Silver plate throughout is in very good shape, as the instrument has seen less use. Both instruments feature an alternative LH, Ab/Eb lever and adjustable thumbrests There are 2 barrels of 65.5mm, and 66.0mm. The m'piece is a brand new stock Buffet. The case is the original Buffet in black leather, with combination locks, in pristine condition, partly because it has been protected by a Buffet canvas case cover.