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Clarinets Direct is Europe's leading specialist clarinet dealer. We are fortunate indeed to be able to offer these rare and fine Fritz Wurlitzer Schmidt Reform Boehm system clarinets. These instruments have come to us froma professional player in the Netherlands as a commission sale. For many players these clarinets are the ultimate Boehm system: in tune, made with consumate craftsmanship and offering a uniquely characterful tone, which contrasts sharply with some modern mass produced instruments. Fritz Wurlitzer has a reputation second to none: He is considered the pre-eminent German maker, he was succeeded by his son Herbert, and these days the firm of Schwenke and Seggelke are generally accepted as the most highly regarded clarinet makers in the World. Unlike many modern manufacturers who claim to make a Schmidt Reform Boehm, these clarinets are the genuine and superb article.
These clarinets feature: A booster mechanism for throat Bb. An additional vent for the D/A twelfth, working off the LH 3rd ring. An additional vent for RH middle finger B/F#, a much neater system than the B&H 1010 Acton Vent. A compensating low G/D pad. A hole in the bell to improve low E/B. RH rollers between Eb/Ab and low F/C. A LH Ab/Eb lever. All of this results in a clarinet of superb evenness and unmatched security of intonation. Indeed the problem confronting the player used to the inherent shortcomings of the standard Boehm, is learning not to adjust embouchure pressure to correct the non existent faults on this instrument! This late Fritz Wurlitzer instrument features a small bore of 14.60mm, something which his son Herbert continued with in his own designs. These instruments play very well with modern French bore m'pieces aspecially those made for, our sourced from the American market. The Vandoren "M" range m'pieces will also work, but beware of a gap left at the bottom of the tenon of the barrel, by the shorter tenon of the m'piece into the receiver tenon of the Wurlitzer barrrel. If this gap is left unfilled, i.e. by a tuning ring, wide 12ths in the LH will be the result.
The Bb has serial no. 1989 and has Silver plate in very good condition throughout, with only one slight patch of wear to the register key, and rear thumb bush. The wood is excellent condition, without mark or blemish. The pads are white leather which are used, but in excellent condition. The instrument is stamped " Fritz Wurlitzer, Erlbach, Made in Germany".
The A has serial no. 1988 and has Silver plate in very good condition throughout. The wood is again in excellent condition. The pads are used, but like new. The instrument is stamped " Fritz Wurlitzer, Erlbach, Made in Germany". There are 5 barrels. The m'piece is an "as new" Morgan USA RM 15 which tunes the instruments in an exemplary fashion. The supplied case is also in "as new" condition.