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Clarinets Direct is fortunate to count many of the UK's finest players amongst our clientele. One such is Nicholas Bucknall: Amongst his many famous recordings, he is heavily featured in the film soundtrack to "The English Patient" . From time to time Nick sells part of his superb collection of instruments as he makes room for further acquistions. Nick is fastidious in his choice of instruments which are carefully selected, and then meticulously maintained, by Jon Steward of T. W. Howarth & Co. Nick has another Uebel Basset Horn, and this mint condition example, from 1969/70, is now offered to the market.
This is a superb handmade Basset Horn in Grenadilla wood, to low C. The F A Uebel design of Basset Horn differs radically from that of Buffet and Leblanc in that it is basically an extended Bb instrument. Buffet and Leblanc Basset Horn designs are essentially modified Alto clarinets. If you are loooking for the "authentic German sound" associated with the Mozart Requiem, then this is the Basset for you.
This instrument is in mint condition: NO cracks, marks or damage, pristine key work throughout. The Bassset Horn has leather pads throughout in very good condition. This instrument will play perfectly out of the box. A comparable Selmer retails today new for 9700. The original m'piece is in excellent condition.