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This is a rare and unique Basset Horn by F A Uebel of a pattern which is much like todays more recent designs by Buffet and Leblanc. Previously Clarinets Direct had always understood that F A Uebel made Basset Horns only of the small bore type, i.e. basically as extended clarinets. These featured clarinet size mouthpieces slightly bored out to suit the extended range and compass of an F Basset Horn. F A Uebel was acknowledged as one of the finest Basset horn makers in the world, and, in fact, supplied Basset Horns to the clarinettists of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. This instrument then is of a completely different type; in that it features a mouthpiece of 97mm length which takes Alto clarinet reeds. The bore, at 17mm is also similar to modern Alto clarinet bore. The stamp reads " F A Uebel, Marknuekirchen" and "B & S".
This instrument is in superb condition: NO cracks, or damage, with pristine silver plated key work throughout. There are a few slight marks to the outer edge of the bottom tenon of the lowest tenon, apart from this the wood condition is perfect. The mechanism is enhanced Boehm, with an automatic register key, which features a dedicated Bb tone hole and overblowing vent. The instrument is also part plateau. The range is to low C, with compensating open tone hole on the bell. The three lower pitches are fingered using the standard Uebel triangle formation underneath the thumb rest. The design is beautifully simple and ideally weighted. The Basset Horn features, a grub screw into most pillars to stop lateral movement and poor regulation, the build quality and workmanship are much superior to contemporary mass manufacture. The Basset Horn has just been entirely re-padded in Pisoni Premium Deluxe tan leather pads and is sold with our full 1 year warranty. Interestingly the instrument is stamped "Made in Germany", therefore it is possible that this Basset Horn was made prior to the partition of East and West Germany i.e. before 1949. The matching serial nos. are 900-57631 This instrument will play perfectly out of the box. A comparable Selmer retails today new for 9700. The original m'piece and case are in excellent condition.