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A mint condition matched pair of Leblanc Esprit clarinets. These instruments feature a polycylindrical bore reverse cone feature very similar to the R13, in that it extends through the first third of the upper joint, and that the nominal bore size is 14.65mm. The wood is finest select African Grenadilla. Unlike the Sonata the Esprit also features separate post mounted keys for C#/G# and Ab/Eb. Leblanc advertised the Esprit as having a deeper more flexible tone than the Sonata, they felt that though badged and "entry level" professional model it was , in fact, superior to other manufacturers professional instruments both in terms of acoustic features, and design.
Both instruments are in mint condition; with "as new" pads and Nickel plated keywork. The unstained wood is in pristine condition, with no cracks or marks of any kind. The Bb, serial number, 78577, has double bladder fish skin pads throughout, excepting the C#/G# pad which is cork. The A, serial number, 79487, has exactly the same padding. There are 2 Leblanc K10M Woodwind Co. mouthpieces supplied, one has seen no use, the other only slight use. The original case is also immaculate.