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A near mint condition B&H Emperor A which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. This A, S/N 205269, has been completely restored by Jon Steward, recently retired from T w Howarth & Co. The restoration included reaming the bore to correct Imperial 926 A dimensions, and further under cutting and tuning work. In addition most of the pads have been replaced. The result is an Emperor A playing as well as, or better than, the class above, i.e. an Imperial 926 A. The Nickel Silver plate is pristine, as is the Grenadilla wood. All pieces are matching and stamped " Boosey & Hawkes". There is no supplied mouthpiece, as it is assumed the purchaser will want to match this instrument to an already owned Bb. However a matching 593 mouthpiece can be supplied at additional cost. The case is old but in good condition.