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This matched pair of Eaton Elites are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. They have a quite unique provenance: It was this pair that Emma Johnson used to win BBCTV's Young Musician of the Year, and subsequently record the Crusell Concerti. They then when back to Peter Eaton, the maker, who re-voiced the pair, and were sold to a collector who now has tendon problems in his hands which mean he can no longer play.
The Bb has serial no. 005 and has Silver plate in very good condition. The wood throughout is in excellent condition, with no cracks or repairs. All pads are Pisoni Tan Leather in "as new" condition and were fitted by Peter Eaton some 2 years ago.
The A, serial no. 012, has no cracks or repairs. The Silver plate throughout is in excellent shape, as are all Pisoni Tan Leather pads and corks. There thumb rest is adjustable, unlike the one fitted on the Bb. Also a "bis" key is fitted , as in the style of Boosey and Hawkes pre-war 1010s to facilitate Eb/Bb trilling. There are 4 barrels of 63.0mm, 61.5mm and two of 64.5mm. The m'pieces are all in excellent condition: A Peter Eaton, & a custom Pillinger 1010, and a B&H 1010 No. 2. The case is a BAM in mint condition.