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This matched pair of extremely rare Peter Eaton clarinets are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. These are very early Eaton's, originally commissioned by Paul Vaughan, and subsequently owned and played by David Rix. Latterly they have been owned by Ramon Wodkowski, the Internationally acclaimed mouthpiece craftsman. These instruments are Peter Eaton copies of pre-War Boosey and Hawkes 1010's. They are thinner walled than current Elites and do not feature the later thick bell: This results in a sound with more "ping" and lightness. Even the key work, down to the Eb/Bb bis key, is a copy of Boosey Pre-war design.
The Bb has matching serial nos. 041 and has Silver plate in very good condition. The wood is in overall excellent condition, with no cracks or repairs, though there is a minor chip to the bell rim [ see photo 8]. All pads are Pisoni Tan Leather in good condition. Both instruments have been down to our workshop for a thorough "check down" with any regulation and touch cork work done as necessary.
The A, serial nos. 038, has no cracks or repairs. The Silver plate throughout is in excellent shape, as are all Pisoni Tan Leather pads and corks. There are 2 barrels of 64mm and 65mm. The m'piece is an early Howarth 1010 with S/N 2083. The case is a Boosey and Hawkes of 1960's vintage in good condition.