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A truly unique pair of Basset clarinets, originally by E J Albert, and subsequently modified by Edward Planas and Daniel Bangham: With Planas responsible for the A, and Bangham the Bb. Originally these were a Cocus wood pair, now both have extensions in Grenadilla. Bangham's design differs slightly from Planas' in that; the pads are on the rear of the Bb, there is a low C vent hole, and the touchpieces at the rear operate the lowest 4 pitches in a slightly different manner. In addition, the four thumb keys, at the back are more like plates in the Bangham version. These touch pieces produce the notes, Eb, D, C# and C; which extend the compass of the instrument in order to play the Mozart Concerto, Quintet, and La Clemenza obligattos as written for Anton Stadler.
The Bb, S/N 10476 has German Silver keywork which is very good throughout, with an excellent shine. The wood is in good condition for its age, with no major cracks or repairs, but apparently at some point an alternative mechanism was intended at the top of the upper joint: Whatever this was, there must have been a change of heart, see photo 12, because some pillar holes and a tone hole have been plugged. None of this goes through to the bore. The pads throughout are in Tan Leather, and the instrument is having a full overhaul in our Clarinets Direct workshop. As usual it will be sold with our full 1 year Warranty. The rear thumb rest is of modern Yamaha type, incorporating a sling hook. The makers stamp is clearly visible on all sections.
The A, S/N 10477 has German Silver keywork and wood in excellent condition. Again all pads are Tan Leather, there is no joint wobble. There is also a custom made grenadilla wood barrel which is angled for ease of playing. The case is a custom original, in very good condition. The pair are supplied with a German lay m'piece but can be played with any modern m'piece of 926 type.