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This is a mint condition Buffet E11 Eb clarinet, in Grenadilla wood. This clarinet was bought in error 4 years ago by an adult beginner, who went back to the supplying dealer asking them to take it back or exchange it for a Bb clarinet, which they refused to do. Consequently it has sat unused and now the seller wishes to sell it in order to finance the purchase of a regular Bb clarinet. This instrument is Buffet's semi-professional model, and this example has matching serial nos. 102772. The Silver plated key work is in pristine condition. The wood is without any mark or blemish. The supplied m'piece is the original in excellent condition. The original unmarked case comes with the still wrapped keys. Current Buffet E13's and E11's are giving a lot of trouble with shrinkage and wood movement, this basically started when Buffet moved the manufacture of these models from Germany back to France. Fortunately this instrument pre-dates this; it was made in Germany.