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This is an extremely interesting and rare Bass clarinet. Evette and Schaeffer instruments were made as Buffet Crampon student models, yet this Bass has key work and, more importantly, an acoustic design only found today on top professional Bass clarinets by Selmer and Buffet. In other words: a double overblowing mechanism. This feature allows for 2 dedicated speaker holes for the upper register: an initial hole which works from B up to D#, then a second register key is activated by the E touchpiece for the remainder of the clarion register. See photo 11. The ergonomics of the Bass are a little crude: Selmer did the design better, as does a later Prestige Buffet. But nevertheless this Bass plays excellently with a strong tone across the registers. It also features a compensating G/D vent, just like todays top instruments.
This Bass has had a complete Pisoni Premium Deluxe Tan Leather re-pad in our workshop, & is sold with our full 1 year warranty. All the German Silver key work has been buffed to a nice shine, and is in very good condition. The wood overall shows surface marks and scratches, in addition there are repaired cracks to the lower portion of the upper joint. These are old stable repairs, which we have thoroughly checked in the workshop as part of the overhaul. There are also dents to the crook and bell. In short this instrument is in poor cosmetic condition; but plays superbly, with an excellent tone. We have also fitted a floor peg attachment to the base of the bell. The serial no. is K247, which probably dates to the early 1950's. The case is in fair condition. The m'piece is an excellent Selmer C*.