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An extremely fine, Evette & Schaeffer, E13 clarinet in Nickel Silver plate. The matching serial numbers are K32507 which dates to 1975. This E&S Bb is much superior, in every respect; quality of wood, intonation, and tone to contemporary mass produced E13 Buffet clarinets. When this model was produced it was second only to the RC and R13 profesional models in quality, and it was manufactured alongside them at the Buffet factory.
There is no damage to the wood, which is crack and repair free. The plating overall is pristine.  The instrument has had a complete re-pad in Pisoni deluxe fish skin pads and is sold with our full years' warranty. The case is the original which shows some stains to the interior, and wear generally, but is still fully functional. It is such a pity that current E13s are sold with a cheap plastic mouthpiece which is made under licence for Buffet. This instrument is supplied with an excellent quality professional Buffet model C. Current E13s are being treated by Buffet with a chemical compound, which is supposed to inhibit cracking. In fact this seems to be causing some joint problems for Buffet, with many new instrument owners reporting problems with sticking joints to dealers, due to this compound leaching out from the wood end grain. At the period this instruments was made, thankfully the Grenadilla wood was left to age naturally prior to manufacture.