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This is a Buffet, Evette & Schaeffer, Bass Clarinet in Grenadilla wood, to low Eb, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. Evette & Schaeffer instruments were the student models made by Buffet Crampon. Prior to 1977, only professional model Buffet instruments were stamped with the Buffet logo. This instrument was extremely well made to near professional standard, with German Silver keywork, metal tenon mounts, and an overblowing vent linkage to the crook.
This instrument has tan leather pads throughout in very good condition. The crook has no dents but the bell does have some minor dings, nothing which affects the response, which is excellent. The wood is in very good condition for an instrument of this age, there is however one tight hairline crack at the top of the lower joint tenon: It does not run into a tone hole or through to the bore, see photo 11. The instrument has been down to our workshop for tenon and touch cork replacement, and regulation as necessary. There is a floor peg attachment to the back of the lower joint. The matching serial nos. are 3955, which probably dates to the early 1950's. The case is worn but functional. A K&M bass stand is also supplied with the instrument. The m'piece is a Selmer C*, again in good condition.