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A very rare Cousin C clarinet, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The current owner is Tony Coe, and he has had the instrument extensively restored by Jon Steward of T W Howarth & Co. I know nothing of the makers Cousin, the stamp reads, " Mon MULLER, COUSIN Seur, LYON". The bore is approximately 14.55mm, which is large for a C clarinet, this instrument plays very well with standard French bore Bb m'pieces, or B & H & Eaton 926 m'pieces. The tuning is exceptionally accurate for a C at A=440 Hz, partly because the diameter of several of the tone holes has been adjusted with blue tack.
The German Silver key work is in good condition, and is of excellent quality, please note the key stop for the first trill key, coming off the top pillar of the lower joint, seee photo 7. Only a maker of real quality would make such an attachment & I have seen this once before on a Martel C clarinet. The purpose of this is to stop the trill key hitting the top pillar; such niceties are lost on todays' volume manufacturers. The Grenadilla wood shows no cracks or damage. All main pieces are matching and original, and from the appearance of the flat tenon rings and lack of a bell ring, this instrument could be mistaken for a B&H model. The pads throughout are "as new" Pisoni Premium Deluxe white leather. The m'piece is a brand new student model provided for play testing, and the case is of single Buffet professional Bb type, in excellent condition.