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This is a Leblanc Concerto II, Paris, professional Eb Clarinet, in superb condition. Unlike older Noblet Eb's, the Leblanc Concerto and Opus were extremely moderm designs with excellent acoustic properties and intonation. Designed to go head to head with the best Buffet and Selmer Eb clarinets. The Leblanc brochure states: "an artist-quality instrument of great intonation, with the deeper tonal characteristics of a Bb clarinet. Its high notes are particularly fine, with roundness and depth, free of the thin & strident traits often associated with the Eb."
The instrument is in mint condition. The wood, finest aged, unstained Grenadilla, shows no cracks or damage, it is pristine. The bore is 13.20mm, and the design features offset trill keys. The Silver plate is unmarked and excellent. The pads are double bladder fish skin, all in good condition. The mouthpiece is a used Kell Geometric, marked MC, medium close, in very good condition. The S/N is 83898. Leblanc, Paris, no longer manufacture: This instrument is the latest version of the Concerto model, which was released only after 2006. When it was bought new, the UK list price was in excess of 3200.