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1. Noblet, by Leblanc, model 27 Bb clarinet. This instrument is in good condition, and is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. It has Nickel Silver plate key work throughout in very good condition, apart from one slight patch of wear to the throat G# key. This instrument has fish skin pads throughout, which are sealing, but old. All pieces are in Grenadilla wood, but the barrel is actually a replacement by "Buffet". The m'piece is a used Selmer HS**. The case is the original, which is in good condition. Sold "as is", £395.

2. A Selmer Sterling Bb Clarinet S/N 46865. Stamped "Made in France". It is possible that these instruments were made by Malerne for Selmer as student models. It was overhauled recently and the pads are all fish skin in good condition. The clarinet is in Grenadilla wood throughout, without cracks or damage. The German Silver key work is in good condition. A modern adjustable thumb rest with sling hook has been fitted. It comes with 2 original barrels, and a Selmer Paris HS** mouthpiece. Excellent value at £345.

3. Pruefer, 7 ring 1920's-30's Grenadilla wood Bb clarinet. Stamped “LPB” i.e. A=440. Fully overhauled in Tan leather, with original metal sleeved, telescopically adjusting, tuning barrel. Very fine, sold with 1 year warranty. £350

4. E A Albert simple system High pitch Eb clarinet. The pads are worn,this instrument will need some work in order to bring it back into good playing condition. It comes with the original wooden m'piece,which is also much worn, but no case. As is £100.

5. Lefevre, Paris, Qualite Superieure Bb Clarinet in Grenadilla. This instrument features 7 rings, not the usual 6, and an additional low G vent. The m'piece is a Buffet in ebonite. Good pads. As is £395.

6. Buffet Evette B12 Bb clarinet, in excellent condition, made in W Germany. In wood effect resin. The instrument has just had a partial overhaul in our workshop with fish skin pads; the majority are new, with a few used pads in excellent condition. The Nickel Silver plating is also pristine throughout. Comes in the original case, in very good used condition. The matching serial nos. are 192003. The Buffet m'piece is also in good used condition. As is £195. 


7. Normandy 7 Bb clarinet, by Leblanc, in Grenadilla wood. The instrument was Leblanc's student model in the 1960's. It is in good condition & has just been taken in part exchange. The pads are mostly fish skin with some cork pads on the upper joint. Though used they are all sealing well, and should be good for some time to come. The clarinet has had regular interim servicing, the last carried out by Dawkes in March of this year. The Nickel Silver plating has almost no wear. The wood is in very good condition throughout, with no cracks or damage. All pieces are original, and matching. The instrument has matching serial nos. 51045. The case is old and worn but functional. The m'piece is an up-grade to a Vandoren 5RV in good used condition. Excellent value for money at £325.  

8. A Strasser, SML, Bb clarinet, in Grenadilla wood. The instrument is in very good condition. The white leather pads are only very lightly used, and all sealing well, they should be good for some time to come. The German Silver keywork is pristine. This instrument is extremely well made with wood in excellent condition. It was formerly owned by a London professional player. It comes in the original light weight compact case and with an "as new" Howarth m'piece. As is £645.

9. Odyssey Bb clarinet, OCL120. Chinese made, with a body in ABS wood effect. The instrument is in good condition throughout. The Nickel plate key work shows no wear, and the pads are in fine order. The case has lost one catch and the upper interior trim. £50 as is.

10. A Kalashen wooden A clarinet, in Orly double case. The instrument has just been fully re-padded in fish skin pads by ourselves, and is sold with our full 1 year warranty. The German Silver key work is good with no wear or damage. There are 2 repaired, sealed cracks to the upper joint, which are old, stable, repairs. Supplied with a standard French bore m'piece, this clarinet will tune well with a Vandoren or any other mainsteam m'piece. This A would suit a player on a budget looking to match an existing Buffet or Yamaha Bb, £395.

11. -RESERVED-A Tarogato, possibly Romanian, in Rosewood with no makers stamp. [ A Tarogato is a wooden hybrid instrument of conical bore with Simple System clarinet fingering]. This is a rudimentary instrument, of poor manufacture, the type which is often seen on Ebay at vastly inflated prices. It has a mixture of white and red leather pads, which are sealing. However the instrument has suffered much at the hands of former owners! There is a sealing wax repair to the interior bore, and it appears to have had a loose fitting bell at some point, because it has obviously fallen to the floor and has numerous cracks and marks of damage to the rim. We have repaired the instrument and made sure that all the key work is functioning as best it can. The instrument features a double octave key, and is supplied with a Yamaha 5C Soprano Sax m'piece which has been adapted to fit. The range is to low B, and the instrument is in the key of Bb. It is supplied in a soft case. It would suit someone who wished to get a working knowledge of the Taragato. As is £195.

12. Lafleur Bb clarinet, in Grenadilla wood, made in the Czech Republic for Boosey & Hawkes. The fish skin pads are in OK condition, all sealing, but some are stained. Some slight spot wear to the Nickel plating. No cracks or damage, apart from the barrel, which has a repaired, sealed crack. The instrument has matching S/N 6629. Comes with a Vandoren B45 m'piece, and the original case in fair condition, the locks have been replaced. As is £80.

13. A nice condition Selmer 7 ring Bb clarinet, of the old logo dating to the mid 1920's. The German Silver key work is in very good condition and all pieces are stamped Selmer. The wood is in overall good condition for an instrument of this vintage, with minor surface marks and scratches, no major cracks or repairs. The clarinet has been just completely re-padded in Pisoni Premium Deluxe Tan Leather Pads & is in excellent playing order. The matching serial nos. are 5309. There are some thread repairs to the tenon corks, but all touch corks are fine. The supplied m'piece is a Selmer HS*, and the case is also in good used condition. £495.00

14. B&H Regent II Bb clarinet S/N 259286, in Resonite with no cracks or damage. This model was the last in production of the Regent series. The Nickel Silver plating is in pristine condition, apart from a small patch of wear to the thumb bush. This instrument was recently taken in part exchange by ourselves. The fish skin pads though not new, are all in very good condition. The supplied mouthpiece is in very good condition, which is of the correct bore for this model, and tunes it well. The original case is also in excellent condition, and is suplied with the keys. Good value at £120.

15. Couesnon "Excelsior" Bb clarinet. This is a fine old vintage clarinet, of excellent manufacture. The Grenadilla wood is in very good condition, as is the German Silver key work. This instrument has "as new" tan leather pads throughout, with all sealing well. This clarinet plays extremely well at A=440 with an excellent tone. All parts are stamped and wooden, with serial number 837. The top joint has an integral barrel, and was formerly part of the collection of the late Prof. John Playfair. The case is old, and much worn, but latches. As is £495.

16. -SOLD-Selmer Series 9* Bb clarinet. This instrument is in good condition, and is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. It has Silver plate key work throughout in very good condition. This instrument has just been fully overhauled in fish skin pads by Clarinets Direct and is sold with 1 year warranty. All pieces are matching and original, there are 2 supplied barrels of 66.5 and 63.5mm length. The m'piece is a Selmer HS* in good used condition. The rear thumb rest has had a sling hook attachment fitted. This clarinet has a large bore, circa 15.0mm, it was described by Selmer as " pour la musique symphonique", in other words it was aimed at the Classical player. The matching serial nos. are B0708, which dates to 1980. The case is the original, which is in good condition, it still latches and protects the instrument well. This clarinet is superb value for money at £800.