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These are a good condition matched pair of Cabart clarinets, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. All pieces are original, matching, and stamped "Cabart Paris". Cabart was a fine professional maker pre WW2. The current owner has just welcomed her first baby, and consequently has decided to stop playing. These instruments have been used orchestrally for many years.
There is no damage to the wood on the main joints, though there are cracks to both of the bells, see photos 9, & 10. Both cracks have been filled. The key work is Maillechort, German Silver, and is in fine order throughout. The tan leather pads, while not new, are all sealing well. Both instruments have been down to our workshop for a thorough "check down" prior to sale. All touch & tenon corks are fine. The joints are a good fit and there is no joint wobble. The clarinets plays extremely well, very even and with a fine tone. The 2 supplied m'pieces are an original Cabart & a Leblanc K10M. These instruments will play well with most modern French bore m'pieces, including Zinner and Vandoren 13 series. The zip on the case, a BAM, has failed but the latches still function and the case protects the instruments well.