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This is an early Cabart A clarinet which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The current owner is Tony Coe, Britain's most famous jazz clarinettist and sax player, justly renowned for the original "Pink Panther" title music, amongst many famous recordings.

There are no cracks or damage to the Grenadilla wood, other than  filling of the old thumb rest position, as a new adjustable thumb rest has been fitted, see photo 9. All pieces are original , and matching, stamped "Cabart Paris". Cabart was a fine professional maker pre WW2, and this instrument will pair well with most modern French clarinets. The pads throughout are tan leather in good order. The Maillechort key work is also in good condition. The case is a modern Buffet single for A clarinet with some scuffs & tears to the interior and black tape repairs to the exterior. It latches well, and protects the instrument securely.