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This is a Selmer Paris, Centered Tone, Bb clarinet, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The Centered Tone was the penultimate large bore Jazz Selmer clarinet, only the Series 9 was larger. Thereafter Selmer switched to making smaller bore clarinets more in the manner of Buffet.
This Bb clarinet has matching serial nos. P3200, which dates to 1952. The instrument has German Silver key work in very good condition. The wood throughout is in good condition with no cracks or repairs, only slight surface scuffs and scratches. However the lowest tenon of the upper joint has a couple of chips on the outer rim [see photo 4]. These do not affect the bore, or response, in anyway. The pads throughout are all new Tan leather, and the instrument has been down to our Clarinets Direct workshop for a thorough check down and overhaul. As is the case with all Selmer Centered Tones the upper joint bore is a reverse taper, it measures, 15.2mm at the top of the upper joint narrowing to 14.8mm at the bottom. The original case is in good used condition.