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A near mint condition pair of Yamaha CS-V CUSTOM clarinets, with only slight wear to the stamps to distinguish these instruments from new. The pair have been professionally owned and played here in the UK. In addition to the regular Yamha barrels, they are supplied with two "fat boy" interchangeable barrels in Rosewood and Grenadilla. It is received wisdom within the music industry that when Yamaha launch a new product, they will have made every conceivable effort to outdo their competitors, at a considerably cheaper price to the customer. So it was in the mid 1990's, when Yamaha began manufacture of the Custom CS-V and SE range. The CS-V features different tapers to the bore, both top and bottom, and the CS-V has slightly smaller tonehole sizes, than the SEV, resulting in a clearer, more focused sound with excellent projection. In other words; this model was Yamaha's direct competitor to the R13 Prestige, where as the SEV, competed with the RC Prestige. The tuning and voicing is improved over the regular Yamaha CS, with each tone hole being individually hand-tapered and undercut for optimum tone quality, intonation, and uniform response throughout the instrument's range. The wood was unstained matched Grenadilla, the silver plate, and key work, was of considerably better quality than Buffet. Many players found the ease with which these instruments responded completely won them over.
This Bb has matching S/N 03141. The instrument has no cracks or damage to the wood, which is pristine finest aged, unstained, Grenadilla. The clarinet was recently re-padded in Pisoni finest double bladder fish skin pads, which are all in "as new" condition. The Silver plated key work is very good throughout, with no discernable wear. The A has matching S/N 01153. Like the Bb it features an alternative LH Ab/Eb lever. The pads are mainly tan leather with cork on the register key, C#/G# key, and the first two trill keys. All pads are again "as new". The Silver plated key work is pristine. The supplied m'piece is a stock Buffet. The case is of modern back pack type in excellent condition. These instruments represents superb value for money: For less than the cost of a pair of new E13's, one can purchase a pair more consistent than most R13 Prestige.