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A mint condition pair of Yamaha CSGH CUSTOM III clarinets, which are a commission sale. Clarinets Direct is fortunate to count a great many of the UK's top professional clarinettists as our customers: One such is Joe Pacewicz, for many years a member of the RSNO. This instrument is part of a number of clarinets that Joe Pacewicz is selling off as he leaves the RSNO. Joe is fastidious in his choice, and care, of his clarinets. Yamaha made great claims for the CSG range; a new bore design is supposed to provide great tonal richness, as found in older instruments made from properly aged Grenadilla. Certainly the final incarnation of the CSG, the CSG III, has been a great success with many players.
The instruments are pristine, "as new", with perfect condition "Hamilton" key work. The wood is finest unstained Grenadilla, in mint condition, no cracks or damage. The Bb has matching serial nos. 01017. The bore design features a reverse taper to the barrel. Unlike Buffet polycylindrical bore designs, the instrument features a taper also at the top of the upper joint. The bore at the middle of the instrument, however, is similar to the Buffet Bb R13/RC. Consequently the intonation and evenness of this instrument do feel like an improvement over Buffet standard designs. The pads are finest white leather, in "as new" condition. The clarinet comes with 2 original barrels, a standard of 56mm and a short of 55mm. The A has matching serial nos. 01002. Like the Bb this A is a standard Boehm system but with a LH Ab/Eb lever. Again the pads are white leather, in "as new" condition with lower trill keys and register key in cork. The clarinet comes with 2 original barrels, a standard of 56mm and a short of 54mm. Again, in common with Buffet pairs, the A is of slightly larger bore than the Bb. The Yamaha double case and part leather cover are also in very good condition.