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An extremely rare & fine matched set of custom made early Buffet clarinets in Cocus wood.  These instruments date from circa 1930, and are Full Boehm's in the original case. 

Bb Clarinet, S/N 6616/3969, has a bore of 14.85mm.. The pads are a mixture of white and tan leather. The former owner is a noted collector of early instruments. There is an expert repair by Jon Steward of T W Howarth & Co. to the top of the main body. Originally the outside of th e clarinet was chipped and a section of wood has been replaced: The chip did not go through to the bore, which is original. I have tried to photograph the repair, see photo 4, but the work is superb. There is also a small surface hairline crack to the rear of the instrument underneath the thumb bush, again the crack doesn't go through to the bore. The Maillechort keywork throughout is in fine order. The tenon of the m'piece, a bored out Vandoren 5RV Lyre has been restored with thread as has the top tenon of the instrument. The large bore m'piece tunes both instruments well with the original 64mm barrels. If the purchaser wishes to play with standard French bore m'pieces then longer barrels of 66mm would be advisable.

A Clarinet, S/N 6617/3697, has a bore of 14.80mm.. An excellent instrument with no cracks or damage: Again the pads are a mixture of tan, and white leather, and though elderly, are sealing well. As with the Bb there are some thread repairs to the tenons. These, stained cocus wood instruments, play with a delightfully sweet and vibrant tone. they are perfectly playable as modern instrumens at A=440 Hz, or they would make a fine acquisition for a collector. The original leather case has a temperamental central lock but the outer latches function well.