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An extremely rare & fine early Buffet clarinet in Grenadilla wood, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The instrument probably dates from circa 1900-1910, and is not quite a Full Boehm. It has: articulated C sharp/ G sharp, LH Ab/Eb lever and bottom Eb key, but no fork Eb/Bb. The clarinet has just gone through our workshop for a complete overhaul, in fish skin pads, and is sold with our ful1 1 year warranty. The Maillechort keywork throughout is in fine order with a nice shine. The one piece wood body is in good order throughout, though the thumb rest has been re-positioned higher. Both the bell and barrel have cracked. The bell has been pinned, glued, and sealed where it has cracked, and the barrel just filled and glued. Underneath the "Buffet" stamp on the upper joint is "LP" for low pitch, i.e. A= 440, and underneath that, "JJ", which may be the initials of a former owner. The bell, in addition to being stamped "Buffet", also has the USA importers stamp " CXXX New XXX", but much worn. It could be " Carl Fischer New York". This clarinet is perfectly playable as modern instrument, or it could make a fine acquisition for a collector. The supplied m'piece is a Boosey & Hawkes 926 No. 3 in used condition, which tunes this clarinet well. The serial numbers are very hard to decipher but could be 31T, which dates to 1904. At this time Buffet clarinets were of large bore, circa 15.0mm, which is why the B&H m'piece suits the instrument well. The case is much worn and is good only for shipping. This clarinet would pair well with the Buffet Bb No. 18 on our current list.