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This is a second generation Rene Hagmann designed, Basset Horn manufactured by Buffet, which has become the preferred choice of Basset Horn players Worldwide. Hagmann's initial design was eventually deemed to be too costly by Buffet, and this model retains much of the excellence of the original prodution design, with some simplification of key work and mechanism. Hagmann was employed as a consultant by Buffet Crampon in the late 1990's, his work is generally acknowledged to be both innovative and exemplary. Buffet and Leblanc Basset Horns are wide bore designs, essentially based on Alto clarinets, whereas Selmer, Uebel, and older Buffet designs are narrower bore, designed to play with Bb clarinet m'pieces or similar. This Basset Horn was purchased new 18 months ago and has seen minimal use, it is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct.
This instrument is in near mint condition: NO cracks, or damage, with pristine Silver plated key work throughout. The only reason it is not described as mint, is the fact that there are normal signs of use to the tenon corks, and the rear of the m'piece has light ligature scratches. All white leather pads are "as new". The instrument features double fingering alternatives for low Eb and D, with single fingering options, off the rear thumb plates, for low C# and C. The crook is sleeved and adjustable, the matching serial nos. are H47832. The m'piece is an excellent condition Vandoren B44. This instrument will play perfectly out of the box. A comparable Buffet retails today new for 6715. The original case is in excellent condition.