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Clarinets Direct is pleased to be able to offer another superb and ultra rare clarinet to the market. Stephen Fox is known internationally as one of the World's finest acousticians and makers. We have been fortunate to re-sell instruments customised by him in the past. This is a Buffet Basset Clarinet in A, with fully automatic rear touchpieces for the lowest three pitches, D, C#, and C. The instrument was initially used professionally in the USA, and then was subsequently bought by an English collector, who is now selling off part of his collection.
This model has several advantages over the current RC Prestige model : It has an articulated C#/G# key, and also the old "donut" LH 2 ring which offers the player a fork Eb/Bb, and it is significantly cheaper. Allied to this the response and intonation, courtesy of Stephen Fox, are superb. The instrument has Grenadilla wood throughout with no cracks or repairs, the German Silver key work is also in fine shape. The instrument had a thorough overhaul on 26th June 2014, and has pads and all corks in pristine condition. There are two supplied barrels, of 65mm and 67mm, the instrument tunes well with all standard French bore mouthpieces, including Vandoren. The serial nos. are 269N1 which date the original A to 1921. The instrument is supplied in a bespoke leather attache case, and also with sling and brace to rest on the players' abdomen.