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An early Buffet A clarinet. These instruments have a larger bore of 14.9mm, and larger tone holes than the contemporary Buffet's. The result is a free and easy playing A, with good intonation, and none of the third register problems inherent in the polycylindrical design.
This instrument features 7 rings and serial no. 174M1 which dates to 1920. The instrument has been well cared for, & metal bands have been added to the tenons of the upper joint to stop any joint wobble. For an A clarinet which is approaching a century of use, the wood is in very good condition: There are no cracks or repairs, minor surface marks and scratches only. The German Silver, Maiilechort, keywork is in fine condition throughout, without wear or damage. The tuning and response are excellent, just as would be expected from Buffet Crampon, and the clarinet will tune easily with any modern bore French, i.e. standard mouthpiece. It will twin therefore with any modern Bb clarinet in the Buffet range from E13 quality upwards. The pads are all fish skin in good condition, & the instrument will be maintenance free for some time to come. There are two supplied barrels, the original of 67.5mm and a more modern Buffet A barrel of 65mm. The case is a modern double case of "Orly" type, in very good used condition.