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An extremely rare & fine early Buffet clarinet in Cocus wood. The instrument probably dates from circa 1910, and is a Full Boehm. It has all the "bells and whistles": Fork Eb/Bb, articulated C sharp/ G sharp, LH Ab/Eb lever and bottom Eb key. The clarinet has just gone through our workshop for a complete overhaul, in tan leather pads, and is sold with our ful1 1 year warranty. The Maillechort keywork throughout is in fine order with a nice shine. The wood is in good order throughout, but originally the clarinet was made with a "wrap around" register key. Subsequently it has been adapted to feature a modern type speaker key. The original speaker hole on the upper part of the bore has been plugged, see photo 5. Also the screw holes for the pillars for the original key have been filled, see photo 10.This clarinet is perfectly playable as modern instrument at A=440 Hz, or it could make a fine acquisition for a collector. The supplied m'piece is a Selmer B* in used condition. The case is a used Rossi in good order.