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This is a Pete Fountain, Leblanc, Jazz clarinet: The "Big Easy". Pete is probably the best-known clarinettist in popular music. As the king of Dixieland he has lent his name for over 30 years to the Leblanc France 1611 model, with a 15.00mm bore, that puts Pete's distinctive "fat" sound within the reach of other players! Sadly Leblanc no longer manufacture: This example is probably the last chance to own a "new" Big Easy.
This clarinet is as new, the condition is mint. It was recently bought by a professional player who could not get on with the articulated C#/G# mechanism; consequently the instrument is up again for sale. This model features 18 keys and 7 rings, thus we have forked Eb/Bb as well. It is a "top of the range" Leblanc, the specification includes: Offset trill keys, balanced key action, separate post mounted, C#/G# keys and Ab/Eb keys. Gold plated leaf and needle springs, tapered tone holes and a cylindrical upper joint. Grenadilla wood body and Nickel Silver plated keys. There are two barrels of 64.5mm and 66mm. As the name says: This instrument is a delight to play, superbly engineered, and excellently in tune.