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When the American investor Martin Tolchin bought Buffet Crampon company he felt that though the R13 sold well in the USA different models would be more successful in Europe. The S1, Continentale and BC20, which evolved into the RC, were all attempts to make darker, more focused sounding clarinets.
This is a BC 20 Bb clarinet serial no. F143777 dating to 1974. This, therefore, is right in the middle of Buffet Crampon's so called "Golden Era" . Buffet Crampon descibed this model as being designed for Recital and Orchestral playing. The Silver plated key work is pristine. The wood is excellent throughout with no cracks, damage or repairs, however there is a tiny chip to the lower tenon of the upper joint, see photo 4. The key regulation is tight and there is no joint wobble. The instrument has had a complete overhaul & re-pad in Pisoni Premium Deluxe fish skin pads and is sold with a full years' Clarinets Direct warranty. The m'piece is a stock Buffet. The original Buffet case is in good condition, the interior lining shows some staining. .