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This is a late model BT [Balanced Tone] clarinet, which was one of the first of Selmer's great modern clarinet designs. When introduced it was an immense leap forward for the 1930's: The instrument features anchored posts, a double pillar design for the LH pinky levers, counter sunk tone hole edges throughout, & the springing was arranged in the manner that was to become regarded as the industry standard, and was subsequently copied by many, including Buffet. All in all this was a clarinet well in advance of its time. The scale is also very even, as the name suggests; the tone is well rounded and mellow, with good intonation for the period. This instrument was a "must have" for the professional player who was broadcasting in the latest medium: radio. The instrument has no cracks or damage to the wood, which is finest Grenadilla, apart from a surface crack which runs between the two top tone holes of the lower joint. As the tenon is metal sleeved at this point, this crack has absolutely no effect on the response. In fact it was probably the design, i.e. the metal lining which caused the wood to stress crack at this point. The clarinet features articulated C#/G# and a LH fork Eb/Bb. Apart from this there are only a few light surface marks consistent with the instruments age. It was formerly owned by a noted collector, who is fastidious in his choice of clarinets and their condition; This clarinet is a commission sale for C D. The German Silver key work is in good condition throughout. The instrument has recently had a complete re-pad in double bladder fish skin pads. The clarinet has had a thorough "check down" in the Clarinets Direct workshop, with regulation and pad seal corrected as necessary. The matching serial nos. are M4514, which dates to 1944. The m'piece is a Selmer HS* in good condition. The case is the original pouchette Selmer, in excellent condition.