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This is a BT [Balanced Tone] clarinet, which was one of the first of Selmer's great modern clarinet designs. It was an immense leap forward for the 1930's: The instrument features anchored posts, a double pillar design for the LH pinky levers, counter sunk tone hole edges throughout, & the springing was arranged in the manner that was to become regarded as the industry standard, and was subsequently copied by many, including Buffet. All in all this was a clarinet well in advance of its time. The scale is also very even, as the name suggests; the tone is well rounded and mellow, with good intonation for the period. This instrument was a "must have" for the professional player who was broadcasting in the latest medium: radio. The instrument has no cracks or damage to the wood, which is finest Grenadilla, there are only a few light surface marks consistent with its age. It was formerly owned by a noted collector, who is fastidious in his choice of clarinets and their condition; Indeed it is hard to believe that this instrument is almost 80 years old. This clarinet is a commission sale for C D. The German Silver key work is in good condition throughout. The instrument has recently had a complete re-pad in finest white leather pads. The matching serial nos. are L7325, which dates to 1936. The m'piece is a Selmer HS* in good condition. The case is the original pouchette Selmer, in excellent condition.