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A rare early Buffet A clarinet, without serial number. These instruments have a larger bore of 14.9mm, and larger tone holes than the contemporary Buffet's. The result is a free and easy playing A, with good intonation, and none of the third register problems inherent in the polycylindrical design. The drawbacks are flatter notes on low E and F, but to some extent this is corrected by the fact that, at this period, Buffet reamed the neck of the bell, continuing the flare of the lower joint: this does result in exceptionally even response across into the second register, a pity this is no longer standard practise.
This instrument has come to us from a young player who successfully used this clarinet to audition for the Royal College of Music in London. He has now upgraded to a Buffet R13 A, and this instrument was taken in part exchange. The clarinet has just been serviced by "Dawkes" and all tan leather pads are in excellent condition. The wood surface shows somes scuffs and surface marks, but the silver plated keywork is in pristine condition, with only slight wear to the rear LH thumb ring, see photo 9. The stamps read "Buffet Brevette SGDG". All pieces are matching and original, excepting the barrel, which is of more modern Buffet type. The key regulation is excellent and there is no joint wobble. The mouthpiece is a brand new stock Buffet, which plays the instrument at A=440 Hz. The case is a used Orly in fair condition: some interior stains and scuffs to the outside, however is still zips securely and protects the instrument well.