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This is a vintage Buffet professional model, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The clarinet is an "enhanced Boehm" i.e. in addition to standard Boehm system, it also has an articulated C#/G# key, and 7 rings, which provides a fork Eb/Bb fingering in the LH. The German Silver key work is in good condition for its age. All fish skin pads are in very good condition as the instrument was recently overhauled. The Grenadilla wood shows surface scuffs and marks. There is also a stress crack between the top 2 holes of the lower joint. At this point the bore is metal lined, in order to accurately position the articulated C#/G#hole, this often causes a stress crack to the surface wood, which is cosmetic only, because it in no way affects the response, as the wood does not form the bore of the instrument at this point. The is also a full length crack running through the bell, which has been sealed at the surface. The low G/D hole has been "bushed" in metal at some point in the past, maybe because of wear. The matching serial nos. are 21019 which dates  to 1936. The case is elderly but in very good condition.