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An excellent condition early Buffet clarinet. The instrument dates from 1926 with S/N 1T121, and has wood in good condition for its age. There are no cracks or damage to the wood, minor surface marks and scuffs only. The bottom tenon of the lower joint has been remade in metal, possibly to stop joint wobble. The clarinet has been replated in Chrome and on the whole the plating is in very good condition, there is only slight wear to the rings, principally in the LH. The instrument has just had an overhaul in double bladder fishskin, with the C#/G# key being cork, and is sold with a full years' warranty. All touch and tenon corks are good. This instrument has been professionally owned and very well maintained. The mouthpiece is a brand new La Voz The case is a Selmer Bundy.