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A very fine condition Buffet Full Boehm Bb, which is a commission sale for C. D. This is a rare and highly prized early Full Boehm model with all the " Bells and Whistles": Fork Eb/Bb, alternative LH Ab/Eb, articulated C#/G# and low Eb. Note how at this time Buffet actually cut 2 different holes for C#/G#, through the middle tenon, which allows for a less complicated articulated mechanism, and a better trill from the lower joint touchpiece for C#/G#, see photo 4.
The wood is in excellent condition for a vintage instrument, with no cracks or damage. All pieces are matching and original. The instrument has fish skin pads,in good order, with the exception of the lowest two tone holes, which are in tan leather. The key work is well regulated. The German Silver key work is in very fine condition, with no wear. At some point a modification was planned, the G/D tone hole ring has had the rod barrel cut through and a new spring fitted. Possibly a dual function speaker key was envisaged, rather in the manner of a Bass clarinet. However the project got no further than soldering a link to the existing rod for the projected key work, see photo 8. The serial nos. are 1948 which dates to 1928. The supplied case is an Ortola double in excellent condition, with zip, carry straps and various pouches.