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An extremely rare and unusual clarinet in A. Though a Boehm system instrument, the arrangement of the G#/A throat keys actually looks back to the mechanism as found on the Simple System clarinet. Therefore throat G# is actually played with LH2. The instrument is in ebonite throughout, and apart from the mouthpiece, which is a London & Paris Lafleur there is no makers stamp. The tenons are metal sleeved, and photo 4 shows how the lowest metal tenon ring, on the bottom of the lower joint, has become detached and is now stuck in the receiving tenon of the bell. Also stuck fast is the mouthpiece on the barrel. The pads, which are fishskin, are all sealing well. The tenon corks seem to have all been replaced recently, and the instrument is in excellent condition throughout. The style of key work is most unusual, as is the 3 screw thumbrest. The instrument would suit a collector, as the key work is perhaps most acccurately descibed as Boehm System/ Hybrid.