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A unique and rare plateau full Boehm Bb clarinet. This one has all the extras: :fork Eb/Bb, articulated C#'G#, LH Ab/Eb key and low Eb. There is no makers stamp, though given the quality of workmanship and style of key work, I think this may be of German manufacture. It is certainly pre-WWII. There are no cracks or damage to the wood. But the original thumb rest has been replaced with a more modern design, and the moved higher, the old position holes have been filled see photo 8. The maillechort keywork is in very good condition. This is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct, the current owner tells me that he recently had the instrument completely overhauled by Hanson in tan leather pads. In addition he preferred to play this clarinet with a Buffet barrel, supplied, and a Vandoren 5RV, also supplied, in excellent condition. The case is also in very good shape. The instrument tunes well at A=440 & would suit a sax/flute doubler.