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This is a very rare E J Albert, Bruxelles, Bass Clarinet in Grenadilla wood, to low Eb, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The last former owner is a UK based professional. Albert were considered one of the finest manufacturers of clarinets pre WW 2,and E J Albert was noted for the forward nature of his thinking, especially with key work design. This Bass is typical of that flair for innovation. It features a fully automatic double overblowing vent, with the throat Bb hole used as the initial vent for the second register, and the upper vent being on the crook. As with modern Bass clarinets the upper vent opens for the pitches from E upwards in the clarion register. This instrument was built at a time when many Bass clarinets had 2 separate speaker key touchpieces and only a range to low E. In this way the Albert is prefigures the sort of design Selmer were to adopt post WW 2.
The Silver plated key work is in good condition, with only minor wear, the plating shows some "brassing" commensurate with the age of this instrument. The key work throughout shows a robust solidity, and is of fine manufacture. The Grenadilla wood shows minor surface scratches and marks, and the lowest section of the bottom joint has been replaced or repaired in the past. It is possible that this is in fact a later extension, to enable the low Eb, though the key work all appears original, so this is unlikely, see photo 9. This Bass was last overhauled by Alan Andrews in tan leather and all pads are in excellent condition, the Bass is also well regulated. There is a modern floor peg attachment to the bell, as well as a rear sling hook. The case is a modern replacement for a single piece Bass, in fair used condition, there are some scuffs to the exterior and wear to the interior. The m'piece is a used Selmer C, which has been relayed by Alan Andrews.