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These are a rare and interesting pair of G Rudold Uebel handmade clarinets, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. Though Boehm system clarinets, with a compensating G/D vent on both, there are some subtle design differences in these instruments as compared to those made by the mainstream French manufacturers, and these combine to contribute to a tone which has has a lovely warmth and focus, a quintessential German sound. The last owner, an amateur player, has used them successfully for many years as a pair.
The Bb is probably an earlier instrument than the A. The stamp is different, in that the country of manufacture is given as the "DDR", rather than "Germany" on the A. The rest of the stamp reads: " Wohlhausen [Vogtland]". The pressed steel type of keywork shows no plating wear, it is in excellent order throughout, Note also the quality of a tiny "grub screw" set into every pillar to stop movement within the mechanism. The Bb also features Uebel's earlier arrangement of the throat A and G# holes. Note how each note issues from its own dedicated tone hole, not sharing tone holes, as on standard Boehms: This all helps in achieving that German ideal of a pure tone. Along with the already mentioned compensating vent on the lower joint, there is also a wraparound register key. The Bb also has no bell ring, again unlike the A. All pads are in excellent condition. The wood throughout is in very good order, there is a repaired crack to the bell, see photo 8. In addition Alan Andrews, has just pinned a small crack to the top joint, which was running into the register key hole. This, of course, has a metal speaker pipe, so the integrity of the hole is in no way compromised by the crack. Nevertheless Alan has just come up with a unique way of pinning: He uses a computer generated model to accurately plot the course of the pins, which are custom designed to be self tapping and need only one entry hole. This technique represents a major advance over more traditional methods. So good is the repair, that I could not see it to photograph it. The matching serial nos. on the Bb are 2-75331.
The A is probably of later manufacture, though it plays in an extremely similar way to the Bb. The key layout is entirely standard Boehm except for the compensating G/D vent. All the plating is in pristine condition. All the pads and corks are also in good condition. There are no cracks or rpairs to the wood of the A, which is in very good order throughout. Both instruments have had adjustable thumb rests fitted. The matching serial nos. on the A are 651834. The two single cases provided are in good order. The instruments tune and respond excellently with standard Vandoren m'pieces. Unlike the modern Uebel range which is marketed as of "above average" student quality, these instruments were made as professional handmade models. For the player unwilling to learn the Oehler system they do offer an easier alternative to achieving a more traditional "German" sound.