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A very good condition early boxwood C clarinet, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. I am extremely grateful to Thomas Carroll, a period clarinet player visiting from the USA, for his assistance with the description below. This clarinet has been much worked over the the last 2 centuries. It is likely that it was of fine German manufacture, probably made around 1810. Originally it would have played about A=435, but subsequently it was shortened, rather crudely, at the top of the upper joint; the file marks can be seen. This was probably an attempt to bring it up to A=440 Hz pitch or even higher. It now plays at approximately that pitch, with a modern Eb clarinet m'piece which sits, however, 2 mm out of the top tenon of the original barrel. The makers stamp is so worn as to be almost indecipherable, but possibly a "Hapsburg" Eagle can be made out in very strong light. There are in total three surface cracks: One to the top of the top joint, above the speaker key, see photos 5 & 11. One to the barrel, see photo 4, and the last to the bell, see photo 10. There are 5 brass keys, and the clarinet is made of boxwood and animal horn. It appears to be in the style of a Grenser instrument. The m'piece, which I believe to be original, is included, but it is so worn as to be unplayable. As mentioned above a Bundy No. 3 Eb m'piece is also included which plays well. The supplied case is worn but functional.