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This Selmer 10S Bb clarinet is in very good condition, and is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct, the current owner being a London based professional jazz player. The Selmer 10 series was the first major model manufactured by Selmer to adopt a small bore undercut design, in the Buffet Crampon manner: Indeed with a bore of only 14.60mm, the 10S is even smaller in the bore than the Buffet R13. The clarinet is extremely lively, easy to play, and has excellent intonation.
This Bb, S/N E6556, dates to the late 1980's and has Silver plate, throughout in excellent condition. There are no cracks or damage to the wood, which is in fine order throughout, with only minor surface marks. All pieces are original and have matching stamps. The clarinet has leather pads in good condition. The m'piece is a Selmer C* which has been shortened by Ed Pillinger. The 2 supplied barrels are of 64.5mm and 66.5mm. The case is original, it shows some wear to the interior, but still latches securely.